Innovate 10 | Tuesday 12 October 2010 | Business Design Centre, London
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Innovate 10

Watch Successful Stage 1 Submissions by project title

  • A diagnostic assay for the management of chronic organ rejection
  • A Digital Elderly Well-being Monitoring System
  • Albagaia - Disruptive Resource Recovery
  • Ambient Collaborative Contextual Zoom (C2Z)
  • anywhereHPLC
  • Bare Conductive: Non-toxic Conductive Ink
  • BioBullets for the control of biofouling in Power Plants
  • Bringing Location In From The Wild
  • Business Voice
  • Configurable Energy Storage Device
  • Context Engine
  • Cryoskin Spray for Burns and scalds
  • Damless 'Run-of-river' Hydropower: Redesign of the Scotrenewables Floating Turbine for River Deployment
  • Development of self-adjustable reading glasses
  • Development of TexRad Cancer Analysis Medical Software
  • Distrify
  • Diverter Valve
  • dxtr - mobile phone interface for dexterity impaired
  • Espra: A Social Platform built around Trust Maps
  • Extremely low cost novel electrolysers for hydrogen production
  • Full Utilisation of Non-Conventional Gases
  • Functional Cladding through Additive Manufacturing
  • HyLight 500: Portable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Lighting System
  • Improved hand washing process
  • Information Deluge for Security Video Operators
  • insularm
  • j-Net Electronic Power Distribution System
  • Loowatt - Human Generation
  • Low voltage DC power in the home
  • Method to collect enough stem cells from a patient for autologous therapy
  • MoRoW II
  • MyWebTab
  • New Therapy for Kidney Failure Patients
  • Next Generation Solar Technology
  • Novel Biological Skin Peel
  • Novel bioreactor for a step-change improvement in the production of energy from biomass
  • Offwind2
  • Open Surveying
  • Pillow Talk
  • Pro Sprayer
  • Rapidly deployable cast
  • Reducing the Environmental Impact of Moulded Plastic Products
  • Rhythm Pad
  • Sea Wave Energy Converter
  • Solid state DSSC photovoltaics
  • Steam expander systems
  • Sustainable Grey Water Treatment
  • Sustainable Rail Travel: Parry People Movers Super-Hybrid
  • Sustainable slope solutions using EKG
  • Targeted therapy for skin cancer
  • The Annotator - Interactive Education
  • The Creation of Low Carbon Resource Efficient Sustainable Communities
  • The P1vital Oxford Emotional Test Battery for Depression
  • The ZEDroof
  • TrustSend
  • Veda smart shower
  • Wastewater Respirometer
  • Wireless Sensors for Production Monitoring
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